Batting Skills

Batting Skills

It would not be an understatement that Indian batting line-up has dominated the game since decades. And, no doubt, many youngsters aspire to be the part of this formidable line-up.

MECA experts have created one of the best training programs for carving out batsmen from ball-hitters. Batting experts at MECA break down batting into various aptitudes. Many of these aspects are ingrained in learners’ intrinsic persona while many are to be infused. In simpler words, De Villiers or Dravid style technique.

MECA experts have categorized various skills and predispositions for batting that are audited regularly to gauge the efficacy of the coaching program.

Intrinsic traits

  • Stature and strength
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Basic tendency (aggressive versus Defensive)


  • Footwork
  • Timing
  • Bat speed
  • Ball Placement

Attitudinal traits

  • Competitive attitude
  • Ability to read the bowler
  • Adaptability to situations

Game understanding

  • Basic calculations for competitive cricket (Run Rate, Batting avg., Strike Rate, Reqd. Run Rate etc.)

Based on the intrinsic traits, the candidate is judged at the start. Based on the findings, he is acquainted with his natural strengths and how he needs to develop his technique, whom should he idolize, how should he play.

The coaching phase works on the technique, attitudinal traits, and game understanding. The batsman is continuously assessed on these parameters, which is then used to assess the growth the batsman registers.